My go-to Smoothie Recipe

One of the hardest things for me is to eat healthy. If you put a cookie in front of me I am 100% going to eat it. I am currently trying to make healthier choices to not just lose weight, but to feel like the best me possible. One of my go-to healthier choices is […]

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Bye Bye Dark Under Eyes

Hey y’all. Before we begin talking about dark under eyes, I wanted to thank everyone for being so supportive on my last Instagram post. Putting yourself out there on social media is hard but having a tribe who has my back makes it worth it. So, anyways…Dark under eyes…we all have them. Some more than […]

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May Favorites

Welcome back, beauty babes! I don’t know about y’all but I love hearing about products that other people adore. Whether it’s hair products, makeup products, or really anything else. Maybe if someone I know loves it then I will love it too…that’s my thought process. My husband doesn’t understand it, but it makes perfect sense […]

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My Favorite Nude Lipsticks

Hey, y’all! I don’t know about you but this has felt like the longestttt week ever. It’s been so gloomy for two weeks now and I am over it! Anyways, nude lipsticks are my comfort zone, just like Kim Kardashian…I mean we’re basically twins, right? lol! I feel most like myself with a really good […]

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Summertime Eye Look

Hey, beauty babes! I hope you all had a great weekend with friends and family! I feel like I’ve been so M.I.A the past few days on social media but I’m back and I’m feeling refreshed. Summer is here (basically) and I want to share with you all my go-to eye look when I want […]

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Favorite Face Masks

Hey, y’all! First of all, I want to apologize for the quality of this picture. It has been raining for over a week so the lighting hasn’t been good at all but I have linked both of these masks for you all. Recently I’ve been receiving a lot of complements on my skin, which I’m […]

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Curly Hair Series: Day 3

Welcome back to the final day of the curly hair series! We’re going to be talking about an easy way to dress up a simple hairstyle for your curly hair. I don’t typically wash my hair everyday so by the 2nd to 3rd day it’s usually time for a cute ponytail. When pulling my hair […]

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Curly Hair Series: Day 2

Welcome back to the curl series! Today I’m going to be talking about how to use your curling products and diffuser to achieve beautiful curls. I have also included a short video explaining everything in case you’re more of a visual person, like myself! The tips that I share are what works great for me […]

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