Pull-Through Ponytail


Happy Monday, y’all! Things are finally getting back to normal around here after Hurricane Florence. I hope all of my NC, SC, and VA friends stayed safe! All is well at our home, thank God! We live in a flood zone so I was a little worried.

BUT ANYWAYS, I have been trying to put as little heat on my hair as possible lately because I’m growing it back out and trying to get it as healthy as possible. I’ve been playing around with extensions and braiding and a pull-through ponytail is my new favorite style. It’s also still 90+ degrees here so it also keeps me cool! This hairstyle is easy to do once you get the hang of things.

First, place your extensions on the top part of the crown of your head. Even if you have long hair, extensions will just add thickness to this style. I have been using Barefoot Blonde’s BFB UP. These extensions are specifically made for up-do hairstyles.

After you apply your extensions pull all of your hair up into a ponytail and secure with an elastic. I always tease the top part of my hair for a little more volume. And if you like pieces of hair down around your face, pull those out before securing with an elastic.

Once your hair is in a ponytail, split that horizontally. Clip the top section up out of the way for now. Apply a clear elastic about 2 inches down from the originally ponytail.



Next you want to unclip the top section and split that in half vertically and pull sides around the bottom section. Pull the bottom section (the one you just put the clear elastic in) up and clip out of the way. Take the section you just split and pulled to the sides and secure that with an elastic.




Continue to do the same thing all the way down until you get to the end.

I always pull my “pull-throughs” out just to make it look bigger, but that’s optional. Then you’re done! It may sound confusing but just give it a try! It takes a couple times to get used to it but you can do this! If you re-create this look be sure to tag me in your posts!


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