Curly Hair Series: Day 2


Welcome back to the curl series! Today I’m going to be talking about how to use your curling products and diffuser to achieve beautiful curls. I have also included a short video explaining everything in case you’re more of a visual person, like myself! The tips that I share are what works great for me so hopefully you take away at least one tip that will help you embrace your curls.

So, if you haven’t noticed by now I talk about Eufora products in most of my posts because I use these at the salon and these are the products that I love. However, if you have curling products that you love please continue to use them! Eufora does not sell online (so if you see Eufora products on any website steer clear!!) so to purchase these products find a local salon who offers them!

Before I ever begin adding product to my hair I always tousle my hair to loosen up all of my curls. Next I go in with Eufora’s Defining Solution and do 2-3 pumps for each side of my hair. I ‘scrunch’ in the product all the way to my root. This product comes out foamy but gives your curls so much hold without leaving it feeling crunchy. We ALL have had curls that could snap in half because of the product before. LOL! The Defining Solution not only gives your curls hold it also helps fight against humidity. Which means, bye bye frizz! After applying the Defining Solution I then spray (very heavily might I add) the Perfect Curl Activator all over my hair. I scrunch that into my hair the same way I would the Defining Solution. Both of these products together are amazing!!

After applying my Curl’N products I then use my diffuser. (PRO TIP: before you diffuse your hair twist a few small pieces of hair around each other. Doing this will make more defined curls in certain places. For example, twist a small section of hair away from your face on both sides.) When using a diffuser you want to make sure your blowdryer is on high heat and low air flow. You also want to make sure you’re diffusing the root and not just your ends. Try not to touch your hair a lot when diffusing because that can create frizz. To prevent touching your hair lean to the side with your diffuser under your hair.

To finish the process I add a little bit of hairspray and then TADA! You’re all done!

I hope you all enjoyed this post and stay on the lookout for next Tuesday’s post on a cute hairstyle for curly hair.





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