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Welcome back, friends! You’re going to read about how I run late in the mornings a lot and I’m not just saying that for the sake of my blog. I mean there are mornings where I’m literally running out of the door and giving my husband a kiss on the fly by. I’m always envious over those girls that wake up at 5 a.m. do Yoga, meditate, cook breakfast, and enjoy some “me” time in the mornings. HA that is not me! I am always hitting my alarm clock snooze so I can catch some extra ZZZ’s! So with that being said, let’s talk about a couple different (very easy) hairstyles that you can do when you haven’t washed your hair because you hit snooze too many times.

First things first, dry shampoo is your best friend! Invest in a good one and never let it go. I personally use Eufora’s Fresh Effect. It doesn’t leave a white residue and I really feel like it gets my hair clean. I will also link some other ones at the bottom! We’re going to be talking about two different hairstyles which is the classic low bun, and the braided ponytail.


First is the classic low bun. You see this everywhere and maybe you don’t understand how to get it looking textured instead of slicked back. I’m here to help! To start off I tease my crown area of my hair to give it a little more volume in the back. Next I pull all of my hair back into a ponytail and then wrap my hair around itself. I personally like a more textured (messy) look so it doesn’t look too much like a ballerina bun. I always pull little pieces out around my face to make it look a little more loose as well. To finish I spray a little but of dry texturizing spray (go visit this blog post to read more about my favorite styling products.) After spraying texturizing spray I go back to the top to loosen it up and give it a little more lift. To do this I put one hand on my bun to make sure that doesn’t fall out, and I use my other hand to piece out my crown area. This makes it look more full, and I am all about fullness.


Next is the braided ponytail. This look requires a little more effort which makes it perfect for work. First step is the same as the classic low bun, tease your crown to give your style a little more volume. Next, part your hair on one side or the other. I tend to do a pretty heavy side part when I’m doing this so the braid really stands out in the front as well as the side. Next you’re going to begin braiding your hair at the very top and in the front. As you move down continue to add sections from both sides into your braid. You can reference this post if you need help with your braid. Next you need to secure that braid with a clear elastic and then swoop the rest of your hair into a low pony. And of course if you want it more messy looking, pull those little hairs out around your face.

These looks are so easy and perfect for those unwashed/running late hair days. I hope you guys enjoy!






If you’re a client of mine and you’re interested in buying Fresh Effect by Eufora please visit Xanadu’s website.

Xanadu Hair Salon

Here are some other options for dry shampoo that I enjoyed using.

Batiste Dry Shampoo | Joico Dry Shampoo




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