Simple Makeup for When You’re Running Late.


Hey y’all! There are so many mornings when I’m running behind because I hit the snooze button one too many times (oops!) But, since I work in a salon I have to look put-together and presentable. I created a video (linked below!) demonstrating a super easy look for the days when you’re running late. I mention the products I use in my video but I wanted to talk about a new product I’ve been loving lately and that’s Maskcara Beauty!

Maskcara Beauty was created by a blogger and I love the whole concept of the line. It’s supposed to be easy-to-use and it’s also supposed to help minimize how many products you use each day, which I needed… bad! I seriously would carry around this HUGE bag of everything (seriously; lipsticks, concealer, foundation, setting powders, contour kit…the list goes on and on) because I didn’t know what I would need if I had to touch my makeup up. Maskcara Beauty is super awesome because it’s so customizable to you! Anyways, I hope you all enjoy this tutorial. Don’t forget to follow my blog so you won’t miss anything. Enjoy, beauty babes!



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