Let’s Talk Foundation

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I’ve had multiple people ask me to teach them how to do makeup so I’ve decided to bring that knowledge to my blog! Before you can jump right into doing makeup you have to know the basics, and let me tell you I’m always learning something new! I’ve decided to begin with how to choose the correct foundation shade for you.

Whether you wear very shear foundation or you like a super full coverage, choosing the correct shade is so important. Nobody wants to walk around with a line of demarcation right around their jawline…I would hope not anyways. Two important tips to consider when choosing a foundation is undertone and where you should be swatching to determine your shade.

Let’s start with undertone. Are you Cool, Warm, or Neutral? An easy way to determine this is to look at your veins in broad daylight. If you have a warm undertone your veins will look more green. If you see blue when looking at your veins then you have a cool undertone. If you’re like “uhh I see both??” don’t panic, that just means you have a neutral undertone.

Now that you know your undertone it’s time to find your shade. Rule number one, STOP swatching foundation on your arm, hand, wrist, anywhere that’s not your jawline. You’re matching to your neck because typically your face is going to be lighter than your neck and the rest of your body. Begin by swatching at least three different shades right on your jawline. The one closest to your perfect match should blend into your neck. If none of those match, grab a few more and keep trying!

I hope these simple tips help change your makeup game!


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